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Attempts to prevent charity

While the weekly charity has been going on quite peacefully for the last 2.5 years and has been quite streamlined, finishing in under 3 hours - between 7AM and 10AM every Saturday (as can be seen from the videos every week),  opposition to the charity suddenly started showing up on 6th October 2012, when police mercilessly beat up and chased more than 1000 poor people including blind and handicapped persons, thus preventing them from getting the small amount of charity from the Trust, which many of them depend on for their basic livelihood.  The videos proving the said atrocities are available in the Videos page under the week of 6-10-12.  We lodged a complaint with the State Human Rights Commission and sent letters to top officials of Govt of Tamil Nadu against the aforesaid police atrocities.  The said police atrocities continued on the next week also, i.e. 13-10-2012, and after a brief respite, once again resumed on 24-11-2012, prompting the third complaint to State Human Rights Commission, available here.

While the real forces behind such unprecedented and brutal attack on the poor people and the motive for their concerted effort to stop our charity by hook or crook remains a mystery, the concocted story that was projected in the media this week, i.e. 24-11-12 is that the poor people were causing nuisance to the residents and therefore the residents chased them away with police help.

We highlight below some of the negative news coverage this week about our charity, and point out our analysis of the projected story AS IF alleged nuisance to residents started happening SUDDENLY after 2.5 years, and AS IF that was the reason for the REPEATED brutal police atrocities violating basic human rights of handicapped people, and why the projected story is opposed to basic common sense, let alone logical thinking.

News coverage in SUN TV (25-11-12)
Please analyze the statements in the video carefully to understand the utter absurdity and illogical nature of the statements made by SUN TV and some vested interests, which are opposed to basic common sense, especially in the light of videos of the crowd that are available in our Videos page.  We strongly condemn the inhuman characterization of poor people as "beggars" and the illogical and fake portrayal of so-called nuisance to residents. The Press coverage page contains the highly positive portrayal of our charity by press over the last 2 yrs.

SUN News : 25-11-12

News coverage in Hindu, 26-11-12            News in Times of India, 26-11-12         
(includes our comments in the                 (includes our comments in the
Comments section)                                  Comments section)
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(click below to view image larger)                 (click below to view image larger)    Dinamalar, 26-11-12

The relevant questions that arise when evaluating the truth or otherwise of the portrayal of so-called residents' grievances above are as follows:

1.  The charity has been going on uninterrupted for the last 2.5 years, without missing even a single week, and the detailed weekly videos on our Videos page proves the same.  That being the case, when exactly did the so-called "intolerable" nuisance start happening ?

2.  If the nuisance has been happening for a long time, how did the same residents tolerate it for 2.5 years, especially considering their vocal and educated nature as proved by the above videos and news articles?  How did the police ignore such alleged nuisance of such a serious nature as being portrayed above for such a long time ? Is it believable that the police did not try even a little bit to regulate the crowd and arrest the wrongdoers if such a thing was actually happening for a long time, especially considering that the police station is < 0.5 km from the venue of the charity ?

3. If the nuisance suddenly started showing up, what is the forcing catalyst for the sudden alleged nuisance ? The above reports seem to take the excuse that the crowd suddenly increased in number.  This is an utter lie, as it's on record that even last Diwali, i.e. 22-10-2011, we gave free Diwali clothes to 2400 people, and the crowd has been mostly stable at around the current levels for quite a long time.    Though we gave clothes to 3965 persons this Diwali, it was spread to three days viz. Saturday,Sunday and Monday  before Diwali.2012.       But regular charity is done on saturday morning  only except the dates when the police chased away persons on three saturdays as aforesaid.

4. Given that the crowd hasn't increased significantly, and there was no nuisance for the last 2.5 years, how did the alleged nuisance suddenly spring up ?  Assuming that the story of nuisance to residents now is true at least to some extent, there are two possibilities as to who perpetrates or arranges for the said alleged nuisance:
     - a) the genuine poor people who come to receive charity
     - b) certain persons having vested interests who want to stop the charity by hook or crook and are looking to invent/create a reason for the same

5. Among the two possibilities in #4 above, which is more likely? Considering the normal course of human conduct, would a person who genuinely benefits from the charity and is needy enough to stand in line for 2-3 hrs every week for the sake of the small amount of money, indulge in nuisance that would result in opposition to the charity and possible stoppage of his basic income for livelihood ?

6.  Assuming that the story about  intolerable nuisance to residents is true at least to some extent, what is the normally expected response/remedy by the police once such alleged nuisance is reported to them? Is it wiser for the police to chase away or arrest the 1 or 2 offending miscreants, or is it wiser to deploy huge police force to chase away the entire crowd of more than 1000 innocent people by mercilessly beating even blind and handicapped persons ?

7.  To illustrate point #6 above further, what will the police do if a pick-pocketer shows up in a famous temple gathering thousands of devotees?  Will the police arrest the offender alone, or will they beat up and chase away thousands of innocent devotees and shut down the temple ?   As another example, in the Annadhanam scheme in temples that was started by the TN Govt. poor people are fed everyday.  If one or two of those poor people indulge in some nuisance, will the police chase away all poor people in all temples, and close down the annadhanam scheme, or will they arrest just the offenders?

8.  The above news article in “The Hindu” quotes the police as having offered 2 policemen for protection voluntarily to regulate the crowd, ONLY IF the charity move to an "open plot".  When they are kind enough to spare 2 policemen  every Saturday and prepared to deal with the uncertainty and risk of regulating a crowd of thousands in a new place with new logistics, what prevented them from offering the same 2 policemen at the current venue  just for 2  to 3 hours where things are running smoothly for 2.5 years, to catch so-called miscreants assuming that there is some small truth to the allegations of sudden intolerable nuisance?   The police have exposed their malafide intentions to tarnish the image of Mr. M Sivathanu, Advocate and Founder President of Sri Sivathanu Charitable Trust, by giving false and defamatory allegations to many newspapers as if we  get money from foreign countries for the charity, while the proved fact  as evidenced from irrefutable records and bank accounts is that it is the  personal wealth and income  of Founder President  given as charity as informed to police and Govt. repeatedly in addition to the   emphatic  statements in our Trust website itself  prohibiting  donation from any third party.

9.  If the police really believe that conducting this in an open ground is feasible and safe and more advisable than the current location, what prevented them from giving such an order in writing, despite our specifically asking for the same?  Based on our experience managing the crowd of around 1500 people every week for the last 2.5 years, conducting this charity in an open ground is a very very dangerous  proposal and  stampede is  very likely to happen killing many persons; without a restricted entry point through the gate to our house (which can be locked in the event of crowd being unmanageable at a point of time like the situation on 10-11-12), there will a real danger to life and huge money if the proposal of open ground is implemented.

10. The reports by residents in the press coverage above refer to the poor people as beggars.  A simple look at the  MANY videos available at our website will reveal clearly that the beneficiaries of the weekly charity event are various kinds of poor people - including pensioners, ex-servicemen,  workers, day labourers, servant-maids, blind people who do small businesses, security guards, students from blind schools, etc who use the extra 200 or 300 rs. per month to further their monthly food needs.  The phrase "beggars" is being conveniently and cunningly used by some vested interests to belittle and discourage those people, while the reality is that this is simply a case of voluntary help from one human being to another in need.  Do poor people have no right to walk the streets in this country ? Do we still practice untouchability by chasing them away from roads like dogs or cattle ? Aren't the handful of worst-minded residents who physically pushed away the poor and handicapped people by taking law into their own hands on 24-11-12, liable to be called  inhuman to say the least ?

To conclude, here are two boards we have put up outside our house last week in response to the opposition and attempts to prevent charity, that summarize our opinions about these attempts, and so far this has failed to open the hearts of  egoistic persons who resort to unreasonable staunch opposition to the charity to poor.    WE ONLY PRAY GOD TO CORRECT THE WRONGDOERS AGAINST POOR.       

DATED: 27-11-2012


Update on 27/4/13

From 13/4/13 ONWARDS, police and handful of local residents stopped/suspended their atrocity, and charity went on peacefully.  BY GOD'S GRACE, from 27/4/13, our charity is restored to FULL NORMALCY with huge number of beneficiaries.

Update on 19/07/2013 

Today, i.e. 19/7/2013, we have completed 3 years (156 weeks) of large-scale charity on own funds.  The last three videos shown in the videos page, at about 9am on 13/7/13 (surveillance time 25 mins late), evidence the heinous crimes committed to stop the charity, and the matter has been reported to top Govt. and police officials of Tamil Nadu vide repeated telephonic complaints (more than six times), 24 emails (with video links), and 7 speed post letters (with video links) dt. 13-7-13, and till this minute, i.e. 10.50 AM on 19/7/13, no action seems to have been taken in the matter.

The viewers may carefully view the last three videos of 13/7/13 and arrive at their own conclusions as to the future fate of our charity.  Though we sincerely desire/wish the charity to continue, we leave it to God/Law to decide the continuance or stoppage of our charity.